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Probate proceedings can be a challenging process. Formal probate administration requires multiple steps which must be accomplished on a time schedule set forth in the Florida Probate Code. However, there are certain estates that qualify for a shortened form of probate known as Summary Administration.


Even if an individual creates a trust during his or her lifetime, it may turn out that an asset exists that must be probated if the trust was not fully funded or an asset comes into being at the time of an individual’s death, such as a wrongful death claim due to the negligence of others.


Lynn J. Griffith, P.A. provides representation in Formal and Summary Administration proceedings, as well as Ancillary probate proceedings (for decedents who do not reside in the State of Florida, but own real property or other assets located in the State of Florida) and for Trust Administration.

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Even with estate planning documents in place, probate in some instances is unavoidable.

Preparing for probate

  • Formal Probate Administration

  • Summary Probate Administration

  • Ancillary Probate Administration

  • Jointly held/marital property title clearance

  • Trust Administration

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