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Lynn J. Griffith, P.A. offers representation on guardianship matters

The guardianship process can be difficult and stressful. No matter what is happening in your family, you can make the right decisions with the legal advice of Lynn J. Griffith.


Lynn J. Griffith will explain your options in the event of the incapacity of your loved one. If guardianship proceedings are necessary, she will offer legal counsel with patience and understanding throughout the process. Lynn J. Griffith’s legal services also include guardianship for minors.

Understanding the guardianship process

  • Guardianship administration and litigation

  • Probate and Trust administration and litigation

  • Estate Planning:

  • Living Will Declaration(s), Health Care Surrogate Designation(s), Durable Power(s) of Attorney

  • Marital/Jointly held real property title clearance

  • Name changes

  • Civil and commercial litigation

  • Business and contract disputes

Legal services offered by Lynn J. Griffith, P.A.

You’ll find effective representation when you choose Lynn J. Griffith, P.A. to handle your family’s incapacity and guardianship matters.

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